I must write today

Actually, I must write every day, but I guess that this is a start. One day at a time. The best way to write. I have my list of excuses for last week. Most tend to revolve around the fact that I’ve not had a weekend to myself for months, and last week was entirely too heavy at work.

With my split lunch hours on my new job, its hard to write for 30 minutes and then write another 30 later. Although, having said that, I have done it. I guess I’m not feeling my current work in progress at the moment. But I need to finish it, not only because someone wants to read it, but because I need to get back to my novel editing. I think I have that sorted out too …


2 thoughts on “I must write today

  1. Oo you think you have the editing thing sorted?
    I’m glad you’re going to attempt to get some writing done today – am looking forward to hearing how it goes. 🙂

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