A first post for everything

Well I can’t decide on a name for my new blog so it will stay as this one for now. It’s the title of a pre-Nanowrimo novella that I decided to write. 30k in 30 days. However, I never did finish it. I finished Nano that year though, so I guess it isn’t all bad.

I intend to write here daily, where I do a very poor job with my writing log justifying why I might or might not write. Usually I just put down the word count, or not, and a single sentence. This way I get to whine about my lack of word count far more effectively.

It’s a little too late at night, and I’ve got work tomorrow. Instead, I’m working on blogs and watching Constantine. I doubt I’ll make it to the end of movie. I hope not. I should be sleeping.


One thought on “A first post for everything

  1. Yay for finally getting your blog sorted. Yet another way I can harass you if you’re not getting your writing done Mr. 😉

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