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Dreaming like a writer

Life always has a habit of getting in the way of writing. Stuff can get heavy quick, and halt your ability to work on writing. Or it can just grind you down to the point that writing just doesn’t seem feasible. The trap there though is that writing is life. At the moment my project is working … Continue reading


42nd Parallel

A group of writers from the Australasia, myself included, have recently launched a project that I want to give you all the heads up about. The 42nd Parallel is a site dedicated primarily to matters of science fiction and fantasy, with a focus on our part of the world. Myself and my compatriots are both … Continue reading


2014 is here

I’m not much one for New Years resolutions. I’m a firm believer that if you want to change, you don’t need a date after a Christmas season of excesses to do it. I also resolve to do my best, and that’s good enough for me. Coming up with a plan isn’t a bad thing though. … Continue reading